Monte Clérigo Beach

Monte Clérigo is a very popular beach amongst the people of Aljezur. A stunning open beach with some beautiful rock formations and sand dunes. The southern end of the beach offers the possibility on the low tide to explore the tide pools between the rocks. The surf in Monte Clérigo can get really good but unlike Arrifana beach, Monte Clérigo is not protected from the wind and big swells causing the sand banks to move more often, so rips and currents are more frequent and constantly changing.

Since sand banks change more often different parts of the beach can be working. The waves generally pack some punch and can be quite hollow. In Monte Clérigo when it’s good… it’s good!!

South/southeast wind is the best and this is what makes this beach so special, these winds are quite common in Autumn and Winter. Can also work with east wind. Works with most swell directions. During the smaller summer months Monte Clérigo beach can guarantee that there is always surf. It’s very rare to see it flat… A great beach for learning how to surf in Summer